We argued

By Elan Gerzon

We argued…argued

arguments wanting to be civil.

Take breaks, smoke a cigarette together afraid

illuding time trying to fall it apart

unconflicted now more conflicted –

still very stuck

attempting to make duality make a

lock for us to stick to,

between scared actions


open speech;

there is no AND in what is real.

Does the chair they sat on when their feet were catching


feel their scorching hearts on smoke

because when they leave

the room is alone with inanimate form

where everything comes into life.

An ant all the same

still runs around, appears on a page

looking for food.

Is this fight a bunch of ants thinking they know what they want?

Can’t we only want food and leave god alone?


we know how to love;

make ourselves stupid by it.

You rather leave

stay at doing nothing with everything,

cigarettes flying, faking relief,

inhaling fear guides that which tries to be denied

fails for only “nothing” can actually be.

In existence we run around like trapped bugs in a bowl

eventually learning there is no place else

to go

so smile at your neighbor…

cross our legs

begin again.

I am not trying to soften harshness

yet how does one understand injustice

when our length of life in the world

is shorter than a grain of clay,

that I am left on my knees searching under for

the one that doesn’t ask a thing.

We are too many people

to find equality when equality means wanting less – where less means not wanting.

We can’t think clearly because of this?

because of that?

because of victimized ideals?


We can’t think clearly because we can’t think clearly.

Does something that comes out of a mouth,

futile crap spills out of a glass of what was water now is milk

dictate actions in from fear’s belly…

If I act from calm

of what I do not want to be afraid of,



What we think

does not birth

what is truth

when death is not quiet.

arab land? claim land? land is claimed? private?

a circus of logic –

Land belongs to land.

We will leave here on the cloud that brought us in dry

or were we in rain?

Democracy is the obvious fabrication

when the man who writes it still puts his dog on a leash.

good listeners?

Arrogant waste.

Kid soldiers with guns

children with bombs

not holding their eyes in their hands

hands that don’t know what they see

but the moon looks the same on both sides of the cage…