The Wall

By Tori Cheifetz

Dusk approached cautiously as I steered myself

Carefully, down the steep, age-worn steps. As I walked,

I let my hand run lazily along the stones.

Their softness, testament

To the thousands who had made this journey before, many of them running

Their fingers along the very same stones. The cobblestone path

I had only dreamt of, was now illuminated

Before me. Thousands of little white lights flickering violently

In the warm summer breeze, beckoning me to join

Their eternal illumination.

A candle was placed in my hand, and I instinctively

Covered it from the wind, determined

That it should not burn out.

Wax began to drip, slowly, furtively,

I maintained my grasp.

It stood in front of me, commanding respect and endless devotion.

Its immensity humbled. Caused a wave of tranquility to transcend

Throughout my entire body.

I continued on my quest forward,

And couldn’t help but notice the one, two, three,

Stars in the sky.

The sign of my deliverance.

Trees swayed in applause. I reached out to touch,

Met the same smooth stone, I now knew.

My whole being was seduced.

By it’s simplicity. I embraced it genuinely,

I lay my forehead on the cool, comfortable

Stone, and felt a surge of identity.

My hopes, and dreams,

Delicately I placed them in a tiny crevice.

The air was heavy with possibility, I could feel myself becoming

Intoxicated by my surroundings.

As we parted, I felt a sense of loss,

At the same time, a greater sense of myself.

I walked backwards slowly, purposefully,

Keeping my eyes locked on the stones.

I sat on the ground, weak from the experience, and contemplated.

Where I would go from here. Dawn began to break,

Reluctantly the one, two, three

Stars disappeared from the sky.